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NEW: „A different Easter“

The new season is imminent. Full of anticipation and energy, we have collected in recent months and weeks ideas for you and put it into action. You deserved our new program: lots of conversion work, our new decorative program, lots of different fitness facilities with our trainer Meggi or the many details just for you and your holiday at Gartner! Holidays at Gartner’s means recharge your energy physically, mentally and visually for your everyday life!

With a reservation of 6 overnights
you get, in addition to our usual Gartner's Easter program with new fitness facilities, gala dinner, Easter brunch and the Easter egg hunt for kids as well, special extras for a „very different Easter“:

* 1 x 2 -course lunch menu in the winter
   garden (worth € 25)

* 1 wine tasting of South Tyrolean wines
   with sommelier Nikola (worth € 20)

* 1 neck massage (worth € 43)

* 1 x meditative Easter (worth € 25)

You save : 113 €!


27.3 . until 04.12.2015

Price per person in double room starting from € 714 for 6 nights

NEW: „Forever young?“

We can’promise you eternal youth, but a lot of fun and respect for your own body and life (holidays) for sure.

With a reservations of 5 nights
you will also receive in addition to the usual Gartner's inclusive services lots of special extras to be „Forever Young":

* Healthy breakfast tips from our kitchen

* advanced fitness program with guided hike

* 3 x anti aging Yoga (99 €)

* Cocktail course "Healthy and delicious" with our barman Nikola (15 €)

* A conversation with Dr. Rolf Friedrich (50 €)

* 1 small sound massage for extra
   deep sleep (49 €)

You save : 213 €!


12.4. until 26.04.2015

Price per person in double room from € 525 for 5 nights

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Towards new horizons

Turn into a dreamer, a thinker, a globetrotter, a pearl diver, an explorer, a sportsman, a loafer, a gourmet. Simply into what you like the best. Visions that become true at the Hotel Gartner.

During 2008 the hotel Gartner has been rebuilt, enlarged and ameliorated with the final result of having become a magnificent piece of art made of space, modernity, South Tyrolean thoroughness and alpine reminiscences.

The extraordinary position of the hotel Gartner in the middle of a Mediterranean park on the sunny hillside of the village of Tirolo with exceptional view over Merano, the friendly cordiality of the long-term working people of our team and the exquisite and light cuisine provide the perfect basis for a spoiling and relaxing vacation. Thanks to our long tradition of hospitality we know exactly how to treat our beloved guests...